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PHOA Meeting Results

Feb 26, 2018: We had our Annual General Meeting for 2017 at the house of John and Tina Stockton. The presentation materials and meeting minutes are on the website in the DOCS section. Please have a look at them. We also agreed to keep the dues flat for the general home membership, but the Private Drive owners have decided that it is time to repair their road and they will be assessing an additional amount for road repair. We will be sending out invoices in the next week, so look out for them via email. If an email version of the bill is OK - send a note to John Stockton and we can save some paper and a stamp. Otherwise we will be mailing them out to those that don't respond to the email.

New light fixture in the neighborhood

July 6, 2017: Have a look at our new light fixture located across from 4115 Hidden Canon Cove. Sterling Howry donated the light post and fixture to the neighborhood. We did the install and wiring across the weekend and now have a new light fixture to brighten up the neighborhood at night. A big thanks goes out to the Howry's for their incredible generosity.

PHOA Annual Meeting - 2017

Feb 6,2017: We held our 2016 annual meeting on February 12th, 2017. The meeting minutes are posted on this site under the Documents tab. Have a look at what all we decided on and the improvements that we have planned for the neighborhood.

Improved Plat Map

Aug 26, 2013: In case you haven't seen it, there is a Plat Map showing who lives where with their name and phone number. This is in the secure part of the website, so you have to log in to see it. Once in the Secure Pages, look for the Map of Homeowner Contacts.

Crime in the area

July 6, 2017: Update: The Howry's had a break-in on a truck parked in their driveway. It's just a big reminder that we all have to make sure and lock the doors to our vehicles that might be parked outside. Most cars have remote controls to get into your garage, so if someone gets in your car - the garage is only moments away.

During the PHOA meeting we learned that several incidents of crime have been reported recently and one event involved someone breaking into a home while the residents were sleeping. This is a wake-up call for all of us to do a better job of keeping our houses locked. Also mentioned was that criminals checked for cars that were left unlocked, where they contained a garage door opener or had a built-in opener button. They could use this opener to get into the garage and then into the house since many people don't lock the door between the garage and the house. Pay attention to these details!

New Policy on Delinquent HOA fees

Dec 6, 2010: Important note - the PHOA Directors just passed an amendment to the PHOA Bylaws that clarifies how delinquent accounts will be handled. This is the result of multiple homeowners that have been late making their PHOA dues. The document can be viewed [HERE].

Update to CC&Rs document

Jan 28, 2016: For several years we have worked with a scanned and converted copy of our CC&R document, but in the scanning process there were several errors and omissions. Many of the errors were simple typos, but the omissions were multiple amends that were made during the early years of the Preserve Subdivision. We took the original documents, corrected the scanned version errors and manually typed in the missing amendments. Fortunately most of the amendments were for things relating to the Bluff Lot Owners, but still it is nice to have all these documents in one place.

New Light Posts in the neighborhood

Nov 30, 2015: We were able to make a couple of capital improvements this year. We updated the street sign posts at each end of Canyon Crossing and updated the light post at the corner of Canyon Crossing and Hidden Canyon Cove. The new post is taller and has a brighter fixture so it provides more light at night. We took the old post, sanded and repainted it and now it is in the island at the cul-de-sac of Hidden Canyon Cove. All in all, these improvements look great!

Links page added to site

Jan 2, 2010: There is now a links button and page on the site containing (hopefully) useful contacts and web addresses for local utilities, service providers, ... If you think there are other useful links to add, please contact us and we will include them.

Useful links

Dec 2009: Important information that is useful for Preserve Home Owners can be found here.

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PHOA Annual Meeting Documents

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